Jessica Hummer

  • Acting Director / Lead Instructor

My name is Jessica Hummer, I am the Acting Director/Lead Instructor for Brockway Center of Arts & Technology; located at the University of Pittsburgh Hub in Titusville PA.   I have been a Registered Nurse since 2009: focusing in Emergency Department as my main source of work and experience.  While in the hospital I have also floated to ICU, Medical/Surgical, Recovery Room, Short Procedures Unit and OB Dept.  I am ready to expand my career teaching Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy students.   I enjoy teaching tasks and find the easiest and most logical route for the task to be completed.   I feel my years of experience in the Emergency Room has given me the base I will need for this position.  

I am a wife of 16 years and mother to 4 amazing children (Noah, Allison, Autumn & Avia), they make me proud every day.   I enjoy living in the county on our self-built farm, hopefully instilling good morals and work ethic into our children.  I enjoy reading, gardening and the few minutes a day I get to relax! 

Please feel free to reach out to me at