TITUSVILLE, Pa. – Three partners have announced their commitment to join with the  University of Pittsburgh to develop Titusville’s new Education and Training Hub, which will offer new and enhanced academic and workforce training programs beginning August 2020.

In February 2018, Pitt’s Board of Trustees approved the new model for the Titusville campus to create a vibrant, multi-institution hub that would serve and meet the educational needs of the six-county region.

The University of Pittsburgh’s Manufacturing Assistance Center, the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College, and Manchester Bidwell Corp. have agreed to provide education and job-training programs. The campus hub also will be home to two Pitt associate degree programs in nursing and physical therapist assistant.

“We are excited to see this innovative new model take shape and look forward to working with our education and training partners to provide quality education to students in northwest Pennsylvania that positions them to be economic drivers in the region,” said Dr. Catherine Koverola, president of Pitt-Bradford and Pitt-Titusville. “We deeply appreciate their shared commitment to the hub’s success.”

Pitt’s Manufacturing Assistance Center provides vocational education and training for a variety of students, enabling them to master the technical skills regional employers seek. The MAC was initially established in 1994 and has connected thousands of people with meaningful careers in manufacturing.

The Northern Pennsylvania Regional College offers associate degree programs in interdisciplinary studies, business administration, criminal justice, and early childhood education/early intervention; certificate programs; short-term classes; workshops and seminars; and customized training within a nine-county area through live, real-time interactive video technology.

Manchester Bidwell Corp. will be establishing a Workforce & Opportunity Center modeled after its Bidwell Training Center. The hub’s Workforce & Opportunity Center will be a combined adult career-training institution designed to fill employer needs through strong partnerships with leading regional corporations, agencies and organizations. Complementing the adult learning program will be a youth development program that uses the visual arts to improve academic performance, develop higher-order critical-thinking skills, and improve interpersonal skills through applied learning. 

“Having a sustained Pitt presence in Titusville is not only important for our students but also for the community, where the University has been an integral community asset since its founding in 1963,” Koverola said. “Thanks to our partners in this project, we will be able to broaden that impact and reach.”