Pitt-Titusville’s Education and Training Hub Certifies First Cohort of Machinists

TITUSVILLE, Pa. – Nine students completed the basic machining course at the Manufacturing Assistance Center at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville’s Education and Training Hub and were awarded certificates during a ceremony on Tuesday.

The nine students were the first to complete the course, which prepares students for careers in manufacturing. In addition to certificates of completion, each student received a Westward tool set, which included a caliper, micrometer, and 6-inch rule, all trademark tools for professional machinists.

After congratulating each student, Rick Esch, Pitt-Titusville’s interim president, said, “When they talk about the program and their instructor, Roberto Rincon, they all have the same smile. They’re describing their next steps in a field with huge demand and even greater opportunities for growth, not in terms of four years but days, weeks, and months. You cannot ask for a greater sign of the hub making a real impact in the region.”

Rincon, the MAC’s instructor relocated to Titusville in the summer of 2021 as the Swanson School of Engineering expanded its programming to include Titusville as a part of Pitt-Titusville’s Education and Training Hub. The MAC is made possible through federal, state, local and scholarship funding sources and in past years, 94% of eligible students have completed the program at no cost.
The MAC’s first cohort of students came about after Nathan Lucas, the MAC’s recruitment coordinator, talked with local manufacturers in need of employee training opportunities. Both Franklin Industrial Co. and Colonial Machine Co. provided the names of potential students in search of training.

In the past, classes took six weeks with students training for eight hours a day. Given the special nature of this cohort, evening classes were created, allowing them to work full-time and study in the evening for a total of 15 weeks. Evening and daytime classes will continue to be made available as soon as the week of January 10, 2022.

The MAC will offer two concurrent 15-week sessions; basic machining and CNC machining; which are currently scheduled to meet twice per week in the evening with day-time classes determined by demand.

Dr. David Fitz, interim executive director of the hub said, “Tuesday we saw people who are living proof that it’s never too early or late to improve their skillset. I would encourage anyone from any background to apply to the MAC’s training program as soon as they are able and join us at the hub as we continue preparing tomorrow’s workforce with the skills and training they need to strengthen northwest PA’s growing job market.”

Dr. Stephanie Fiely, assistant executive director of the hub, officiated Tuesday’s ceremony.

For more information or to apply to the program, visit upt.pitt.edu/mac.