Mailing Services

The Mail Center is located in the Student Union Building, inside the Book Center and is open every weekday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition to mailing services, the Mail Center sells stamps, envelopes and provides a fax service.

To contact the Mail Center:

Phone:           814-827-4418


Incoming Student Mail

All incoming Post Office mail and packages (UPS, FedEx etc.) for resident students are delivered to the Mail Center. The Mail Center distributes the mail to the individual student’s mailbox. If a student receives a large package that will not fit in the mailbox, a package pick-up slip will be placed in the student’s mail box, directing the student to pick up their package in the Mail Center.

Students must ensure their incoming mail is properly addressed. The mailing address for resident students is as follows:

University of Pittsburgh Titusville
Student Name here
Student Mail Box Number here

508 East Walnut Street
Titusville, PA 16354


Outgoing Student Mail

Outgoing Post Office mail and packages can be sent out from the Mail Center. The Mail Center also ships UPS packages and has daily UPS pick-up. Payment for mail or packages can be made by cash or check.  Packages with prepaid labels can also be dropped off at any time. In order for a package to be shipped out the same day it must be delivered to the Mail Center by 2:30 p.m.


Mailbox Keys

Resident students will be issued a mailbox key at the beginning of the term. The key is the property of the University and cannot be exchanged with or given to another person. Keys are to be returned to the Mail Center within 24 hours of the check-out period. Keys are not returned on Thanksgiving, Spring Breaks, or between terms unless the student is not enrolling in the next term.