Transfer Credit Guidelines


Students planning to enroll at another institution (outside the University of Pittsburgh) will need to follow the guidelines of the institution to which they plan to attend. The new institution will require an official final transcript. Moving within the Pitt system is called relocation. Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs for forms to relocate.

Transfer Credits

Earned credits at another college, university, or post-secondary educational institution may be considered for transfer into the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville. Official transcripts are evaluated for transfer credits and are subject to the individual requirements of the program to which a student is applying. Students who are on academic probation or who have been suspended from the University will not be granted credit by Pitt-Titusville for any courses taken at other colleges or universities during their probation/suspension period. The following general rules will apply in most cases: (1) only courses that have a reasonable counterpart in the University of Pittsburgh System are eligible for transfer; (2) the number of credits given for the transfer course cannot exceed those on the transcript of the school where they were earned, nor can they exceed the number of the corresponding University of Pittsburgh course; (3) no transfer credits can be a part of the final 30 required for a degree; (4) all transfer credits are subject to reevaluation if and when the student transfers from one school to another within the University of Pittsburgh; (5) only those credits earned in the twelve years prior to matriculation at Pitt-Titusville are eligible for transfer (some exceptions may be required for specific program enrollment).

Summer Transfer Credits for Students Already Enrolled at Pitt-Titusville

Students planning to take classes at another institution of higher education (outside of the University of Pittsburgh), must complete the form “Requesting to take courses off campus during the summer.”  This form is located in the Academic Affairs Office.  The rules for taking courses at another institution of higher education (outside of the University of Pittsburgh) are:

  1. Students may get credit for courses if the student is
  • in good academic standing
  • obtains written approval from the Campus Dean
  1. The courses cannot be repeats of any courses taken at University of Pittsburgh
  •  must be equivalent to a course offered at Pitt-Titusville
  •  are subject to the 18 non-School of Arts and Sciences credit limitation
  •  must be completed with a grade of C or better
  1. There are two limits
  •  a maximum of two courses (8 credits) may be taken elsewhere during the summer
  •  students who have earned 60 credits or more may not take courses at a two year institution